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Fusion Sportsgear not only recognises the need for a sportswear brand in Nigeria but the majority of the African continent. After all heat is a common denominator in all the sub saharan countries. Due to the complex nature of developing this type of product, the Online Store in still down. This endeavour will technically count as the first performance clothing brand originating from within Africa, enough overpriced and tacky couture. Designed by Africans, for Africans, but still made for the world. Its summer somewhere else right now. We have selected 12 nations to start off with for now, spread the word and like our Facebook Page to let us know how interested you are. There is more to come in the form of tech, footwear and dry goods. Watch out Nike, we are officially tired of your left overs. As we say around the office, Enough fucking excuses (this is our current tagline, hate it or love it).

That’s DOPE


I love how foreigners from america like to state they are coming to Nigeria amidst bombings, kidnappings and poor governance. Excuse me but my sister goes to school in a city where bombs went off in a marathon, my other sister goes to school where two planes crashed into two buildings and my good…

Don’t paint Africa with a broke brush but forget the one behind your back America. Very true everything you said


STREETCHIEF Lookbook Pre-Fall 2014: “Area Boys Collection”.

Whilst many of us are familiar with Kente fabric being used in contemporary fashion, no one does it quite like STREETCHIEF. For their latest collection, the menswear fashion brand have once again found ways to incorporate Kente-inspired prints into street wear garments - from button-up shirts to white-rimmed vests.

View their Summer 2013 Lookbook.

Model: Joseph Adamu (thedapperhomme)
William Turner (willyverse)

Oh man that perfect. Those shirts I gotta have

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