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Super Homies Chronicles

The Duel: Beginnings/Endings

In a town where water is commodity. One can only be sure to buy his freedom in hard times. No one knows the hard times that I’ve gone through. Meet a new creature today better yet the same species but with unfamiliar features. Spent some good time conversing on the differences between us. I took the road that lead to disaster but later found myself in my body feeling young. If I stay true, maybe acceptance will be the last thing I’d consider. But in a town where water is a commodity. One can never be sure of better things, just more hard times.

- 08/30/2014 +


GALLERY:The World War I In Africa Project

On August 7, 1914, the first shot fired by British troops in World War I took place in Togoland (the German colonial protectorate now know as Togo) and is commonly attributed to sergeant-major Alhaji Grunshi of the Gold Coast regiment. Grunshi’s act showcases rather clearly how the European dispute played out in its colonial territories abroad as well as the active involvement of Africans in the Great War. Yet despite this history, the story of WWI and how it has been popularly remembered has been one void of an African presence.

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